Expedia VisitBritain

March 2017

With Great Britain at the center, Expedia’s new campaign spots offer viewers a glorious taste of the beauty and culture that define the many corners of the Kingdom. Edited by Cut + Run’s Sam Jones & Steve Gandolfi for agency 180LA, the series takes us from the sassy streets of London to historic Manchester and Cornwall, paving an immersive storyline that provides opportunity to breathe it all in. The online campaign offers guides for each location who emphasize that their region’s culture, history, sports, fashion, nightlife and more provide everything for the curious traveler. Following the same script, these guides of all stripes and varied locations translate this into a campaign that ultimately offers something for everyone. For editors Jones and Gandolfi, the project involved editing on location over two weeks in the UK. On hillsides, piers, in fields, streets, pubs, clubs, high up the Olympic sculpture, way underground in caves; wherever the shots were filmed, they were just out of sight making sure it worked in the edit and taking in the sights of Great Britain.

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