D&AD Award Winners

May 2017

The D&AD Awards announces this year’s winners.

Cut +Run wins in a graphite pencil for Editing, contributing to 6 Wood and 2 Graphite Pencil award-winners in 8 categories:

Awarded for Editing, Sound Design: Smirnoff, “Chris Fonseca / Keep Moving / Smirnoff Ice,” edited by Ben McCambridge & Sam Ostrove
Awarded for Special Effects: Dr Pepper, “Craverider,” edited by Frank Effron
Awarded for Innovation: GEICO, “Crushed,” edited by Frank Effron
Awarded for Media – Use of Events: Ad Council, “The Love Cam,” edited by Robert Ryang
Awarded for Production Design: Stella Artois Wimbledon,”Never Heard of It,” edited by Ben Campbell
Awarded for Media – Use of Events & Creative B2C Campaign: Sk-II, Marriage Market Takeover, edited by Robert Ryang

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