Quicken Loans The Translator

February 2018

In a hyperbolic world, what should be simple to understand is often lost in translation. The Quicken Loan Super Bowl spot hilariously cuts through the verbosity clutter as comedic genius Keegan Michael Key “translates” everyday occurrences like trendy menu descriptions, rap lyrics, and the confusing jargon associated with home loans. “Translation” was edited by Cut+Run’s Jay Nelson and directed by Caviar’s Jonathan Krisel for agency Huge.

“This project was an absolute blast. Keegan Michael Key was a machine. I laughed at every take. We had so many choices to make on the way,” recalls Editor Jay Nelson. “I knew the moment I watched the first setup that this spot was gonna be great. Working with Huge was just creative fluidity and Krisel, who’s worked with Key before just delivered the goodness. I’m proud to get these spots on the air.”

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