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Design Forum x Margot Bowman / Jamie O’Donnell / River Island

This short film encapsulates all that is weird, wild and wonderful about artist Margot Bowman’s upcoming collaboration with River Island. We jump and shift through illusion and reality to the flow of a heavy, pulsating beat, while the artist’s designs leap from print to product, flaunted with a hypnotic choreography that evokes the film’s psychedelic visuals. Edited by Jamie O’Donnell and directed by Valtteri Laihanen through Pretty Bird.

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Arla / Sam Jones / Wieden & Kennedy London

The commanding, yet comforting voice of Mother Nature regales us with the story of ‘The Deal’: Bill, a farmer and a dreamer, promises to make milk the organic way, using only what she gives him, the “mighty goodness of nature” – every drop of which goes into Arla. Edited by Sam Jones and directed by Jodeb through Pretty Bird for Wieden & Kennedy London.

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Ryan Hopkinson / Megan Thorne / United Visual Artists

London based art collective United Visual Artists explore their unifying influence – light – in their new trilogy of short films directed by Ryan Hopkinson. The work explores the concept as both a technical component and an artistic influence – this trailer clearly condenses that premise. The films will be screened through Nowness and are edited by our assistant editor, Megan Throne – a talented, up and coming force at Cut+Run, as evidenced in this dynamic work. Grading and online by Jogger Studios London.

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Ben Campbell / Jim Gilchrist / BMB

This cashier foils a hapless bank robber’s plan, simply by brazenly enjoying her Hula Hoops the way we all secretly do – with her hands full. Edited by Ben Campbell and directed by Outsider’s Jim Gilchrist for BMB, this 30-second spot kicks off a campaign that continues across TV, social media and in-store events.

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Jack Singer / Belvita / Great Guns

A Belvita breakfast inspires train guard George to inject some sunshine into Blue Monday, “the most depressing day of the year,” for a trainload of sleepy commuters in this documentary style commercial, edited by Jack Singer and directed by Jonty Toosey through Great Guns.


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Jamie O’Donnell / Seramic

Editor Jamie O’Donnell works with director Yagaboo to breath some life aquatic into the promo for Seramic’s euphoric “I Got You.” The artist’s shimmering melodies work in perfect tandem with the unique, near-hypnotic underwater choreography.




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Ben Campbell / McDonalds / Outsider

McDonald’s own Steve proudly shows a busload of doubters that, start to finish, McDonald’s burgers are “nothing but beef” (and a pinch of salt and pepper). Edited by Ben Campbell and directed by Outsider’s Jim Gilchrist for Leo Burnett.


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Ben Campbell & Steve Gandolfi / Target / 72andSunny

Happy Holidays are here with Target “Toycracker” starring John Legend and Chrissy Teigen in a Broadway-style production edited by Ben Campbell and Steve Gandolfi for agency 72andSunny. The film is part of a multi-part campaign with lead editor Ben Campbell working with editors Steve Gandolfi,  Ben McCambridge, Luc Giddens, Russell Anderson, and Jaime Valdueza from both the Los Angeles & London offices.  Proud to be a part of such a massive team effort!

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Chris Roebuck / Cadbury / Bare Films

Cadburys spread a little joy fulfilling twenty four children’s wishes as part of their #Cadvent calendar campaign. The wishes above see Lex decorate his elderly neighbours house and Lanna turn her mums nightmare commute into something a little more special. Directed by Chris Goulder at Bare Films and edited by Chris Roebuck.


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Jack Singer / Samsung / Smuggler

72andSunny Amsterdam help Samsung celebrate the holiday season with wearables that bring friends and family closer together.
Directed by Henry-Alex Rubin at Smuggler and edited by Jack Singersam_br_holiday_60_blues7_online_no_disclaimers

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LIA Winners

For 31 Years, London International Awards has celebrated the power of ideas, awarding project honors in advertising excellence. Cut+Run is proud to have contributed to advertising awarded in seven categories, including editing. Congratulations to Jay Nelson (Old Navy), Frank Effron (GEICO), Jon Grover (United), Ben Campbell (Dominos & Montblanc), and Robert Ryang (SK-II) on their contributions to the winning projects.

TV/Cinema/Online Film
Category: Banking/Financial/Insurance
Gold Winner
Geico – “Fastforward, Forest”
Editor: Frank Effron

Category: Campaign
Gold Winner
Geico – “Fast Forward – Forest, Hike, Lake, Going Up”
Editor: Frank Effron

Music & Sound
Category: Music Adaptation – Instrumental
Silver Winner
United Airlines – “One Journey Two Teams”
Editor: Jon Grover

TV/Cinema/Online Film
Category: Humour
Silver Winner
Domino’s Pizza – “Boggles”
Editor: Ben Campbell

Branded Entertainment
Category: Documentary Short Film
Silver Winner
SK-II – “Marriage Market Takeover”
Editor: Robert Ryang

Production & Post Production
Category: Editing
Bronze Winner
Old Navy – “Kids Table”
Editor: Jay Nelson

Production & Post Production
Category: Product Design
Bronze Winner
Montblanc – “The Montblanc Story”
Editor: Ben Campbell

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Ciclope Best Editing Nominations

Cut+Run has been nominated for three Best Editing Awards at the 2016 Ciclope Craft Festival in Berlin. Congratulations to…

James Rose, on his nomination for Best Editing in a Fashion Film, for House Of Fraser ‘Your Christmas, Your Rules’ Directed by Ace Norton at PRETTYBIRD.


Sally Cooper, on her nomination for Best Editing in Branded Content, for Cancer Awareness ‘Make Blood Cancer Visible’ Directed by Rollo Hollins at Kode Media.


and last, but by no means least, Jamie O’Donnell on his nomination for Best Editing in a Music Video, for Years & Years ‘Worship’ Directed by Matt Lambert at PRETTYBIRD.


The awards ceremony will be held on the 2nd of November in Berlin… Fingers crossed!





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LIA Nominations

More fantastic news in an incredible year: The London International Advertising Awards honors creativity and power of ideas in all forms of Advertising, Digital, Branded Content, Branded Entertainment, Design, Production and Music & Sound. Cut+Run is proud to have contributed to projects shortlisted in multiple categories, including Editing.

Category: Production & Post Production – Editing
Old Navy “Kids Table”
Agency: Chandelier
Director: Wayne McClammy/Hungryman
Editor: Jay Nelson, Cut+Run

Category: Music & Sound
Music Adaptation – Instrumental
United Airlines “One Journey Two Teams”
Agency: McgarrybowenDirector: Michael Haussman/Pulse Films

Director: Michael Haussman/Pulse Films
Editor: Jon Grover, Cut+Run

Categories: Branded Entertainment
 Documentary Short Film & Production & Post-Production
- Direction
SK-II  “Marriage Market Takeover”
Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors
Director: Floyd Russ/Tool of North America
Editor: Robert Ryang, Cut+Run

Categories: TV/Cinema/Online Film: Banking/ Financial/ Insurance & TV/Cinema/Online Film: Campaign
Geico “Fast Forward, Forest”
Agency:  The Martin Agency
Director:  Nick Ball/Furlined
Editor: Frank Effron, Cut+Run

Categories: TV/Film/Online: Humor & TV/Film/Online: Retail
Domino’s Pizza “Mouth Boggles”
Director: am Hibbard / Somesuch
Editor Ben Campbell, Cut+Run

Category: Production/Post-Production: Production Design
Montblanc “The Montblanc Story”
Director: Andreas Nilsson/Czar
Editor Ben Campbell, Cut+Run

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Kinsale Shark Awards, Best Editing Wins and Nominations

Cut+Run London were nominated for THREE Best Editing Awards at the Kinsale Sharks 2016! Congratulations go to;

Julian Tranquille, for NHS Better Left Unsaid, Directed by Ben Sedley through Generator Films.

James Rose and Jack Singer, for Samsung Unpacking, Directed by Asif Mian and Bob Partington through 1st Ave Machine.

-and last, but by no means least, congratulations to Sally Cooper who actually scooped up the Award for Best Editing on the night, for Huawei Shark Dancer, Directed by Juriaan Booij through RSA Films! Go Sally!


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