A Girl Who Reads… Can Dream

Editor: Sally Cooper Director: Leonora Lonsdale Production Company: Lief

Sally Cooper works with writer/director Leonora Lonsdale on “A Girl Who Reads… Can Dream.” This imaginative, dreamy short film packs a powerful message, highlighting the inequality of literacy amongst girls and the statistic that 493 million women worldwide still can’t read. “A Girl Who Reads…” was released by Lief on World Book Day and supported by the National Literacy Trust.

Made for girls, by girls, the film was created with an all-female crew, from storyboards to the final sound mix, including grade by colourist Yoomin Lee at our sister company Jogger Studios. Along with Sally Cooper, Leonora Lonsdale is one of the many female directors and editors featured on freethebid.com – empowering female talent in the industry and proudly supported by Cut+Run.



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