Private: Akiko Iwakawa

Q+A with Private:

I became an editor because:  When I was studying film at NYU – thinking I wanted to go into directing – I realized that I was much happier judging the actors rather than working with them.  My parents were both actors, so perhaps this makes sense.

When I am not editing I am:  Hanging out with friends, bar hopping, going to shows.  No, I’m not.  I wish I did those things.  Instead, I go through “obsession cycles” where I research about random (and mostly unpractical) subjects, ranging from double spies during WWII, ultra-marathons, and the history of Yugoslavia.

Most people don’t know that I like: singing Taylor Swift songs in a bathtub.

My idols are:  Yoko Ono & Jane Campion

I am inspired by: Innovators and Artists who push to create new ways of expression, some of whom I’ve had the honor to work with – such as Marco Brambilla, Chris Milk, and Stefan Stegmeister, and the late Nagi Noda.

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