Airwick Give the Gift of Home

Editor: Akiko Iwakawa Director: Zachary Heinzerling Production Company: Ways + Means Agency: Droga5

Air Wick celebrates its Life Scents™ holiday collection with “Give The Gift of Home,” a new 3-minute piece via Droga5 and edited by Akiko Iwakawa. The film was directed by Zachary Heinzerling with whom Akiko previously collaborated on the Oscar-nominated and Sundance-honored ”Cutie and the Boxer.”

With “Give the Gift of Home,” Heinzerling filmed endearing and playful moments with older people who face moving from their longtime homes. Working from over 30 hours of footage, Akiko edited a film that presents the happy feelings that connect with scent-based memory, from mulled wine to strawberry fields. The gift at the end, custom crafted by a master perfumer, is a candle that holds the power to infuse the present with an immediate feeling of joy and a sense of place.

“Given the amount of incredible footage directed by Zachary, it was a massive project to shape the many stories and layers in just three minutes,” says Akiko. “With the agency team fearlessly backing this idea with creative integrity, we united with a shared vision to tell this story.”

In addition, Air Wick is extending the impact through a charitable partnership with Habitat for Humanity International®. During the holiday season, Air Wick is donating $250,000 through a portion of its profits to benefit families in partnership with Habitat for Humanity International.

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