Shaky Kane Draws Cut+Run London

January 2019

Comic book artist Shaky Kane applies his psychedelic filter to the roster of editing talent at Cut+Run London.

Famous for working on Deadline, Judge Dredd and 2000AD, as well as more recent projects for Image Comics titles such as The Bulletproof Coffin and The Beef!, Shaky has taken the team’s personalities and wide-ranging interests, run them through his esoteric, day-glo blender and produced a series of portraits that meld the editors with the things they love… besides editing.

The first portraits Shaky has done, the project takes the editors out of the edit suite and into a world akin to the artist’s “Shakyverse,” where they fit in amongst the subculture of dinosaurs, big bugs and custom cars that regularly litter his pages.

Cut+Run’s Ben Campbell had been thinking about getting some portraits done for the London-based editors and secretly approached Shaky with the project, having been introduced to him through Mel Fong Brown and Chris Baker, who’d been working on some comics with him. Ben and Shaky have been producing the images over the last three years.

Shaky says: “Drawing from the Cut+Run editor’s eclectic taste in itself provided quite a bizarre mash-up of imagery: an urban surfer in Wardour Street, or how about a trail motorbiker marooned on the red plains of Mars set beneath a green tennis ball moon! I hope the editors’ personalities shine out in the pictures, and that any likeness to living persons is in this case purely intentional.”

Jules, Sam & Matt with their portaits

“Shaky’s done an amazing job with these portraits,” says Cut+Run editor and partner Julian Tranquille. “The mash-ups are perfect. My old-school gear and remote control toys – totally me!” Jules has been with Cut+Run since the beginning and his enthusiasm here will be familiar to anyone who’s worked with him over the years, many of whom will surely recognise the aforementioned gear…

Editor Sally Cooper’s portrait paints her as “the queen of my castle; I have my trusty army of gingerbread soldiers backing my every move! I can conquer the world and fight like Joan of Arc on my Zebra!” Sally’s affinity for animals is pretty clear from Shaky’s interpretation – she’s rarely seen without her dogs Luna and Noble – but the castle and gingerbread men may be a little more cryptic; every Christmas, Sally builds an enormous gingerbread castle at our offices. Born and raised in Germany, Sally’s been at Cut+Run for over a decade and her gingerbread creations have grown to become an annual tradition over the years. Its unveiling is a near-ceremonial event – until we unceremoniously smash it to bits and eat it.

Matt Prickett is similarly enthusiastic, though a little more succinct – “I would never have thought that an illustration of me riding my dog could look so good!” Matt’s beloved Arsenal features prominently, along with Putney Bridge, where he walks his dog Ollie… who may have been scaled up slightly here. Matt cut his teeth as an editor in sunny Miami – about as far away as you can get from his hometown of Newbury – but is proud to call London home, which is pretty clear from his portrait.

Take a look at each of Shaky’s interpretations below – click on the portraits to check out the editors’ work.

Ben Campbell

Jamie O’Donnell

Julian Tranquille

Matt Prickett

Nick Armstrong

Sam Bould


Sam Jones

Steve Gandolfi

Sally Cooper

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