Drew Thompson

Q+A with Drew

My friends call me: At best it’s Drew or a bunch of unrepeatable terms.

I became an editor because: That is how my brain works, I’m obsessive, instinctual, emotive and it’s something I love.

When I am not editing I am: Hanging with my family, Running, Swimming, Surfing (become rarer) , watching films, listening to soundtracks and reading.

Most people don’t know that I like: Opera

My hero is: This question only leads to a bunch of other questions and discussion…I wish I was kidding.

My personal soundtrack would be set to the tune of: Any Bill Withers music.

Three words that best describe me are: Guy Who Cuts.

I am inspired by: Great composers, amazing writers.

My favorite city in the world is: Three way tie in Paris, Sydney and NYC.

If I could be any film character it would be: Indiana Jones or Ferris Bueller.

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