Steve Gandolfi

Xbox Lucid Odyssey

Steve Gandolfi

Director: Taika Waititi Production Company: Hungry Man Agency: 215 McCann

Kia Rain

Steve Gandolfi

Director: Johnny Green Production Company: Reset Agency: David & Goliath

Apple Snowbrawl

Steve Gandolfi

Director: David Leitch Production Company: Minted Content Agency: Media Arts Lab

Intel Technology Evolves

Steve Gandolfi

Director: Craig Gillespie Production Company: MJZ Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day

Google Real Talk

Steve Gandolfi

Director: Aaron Stoller Production Company: Biscuit Agency: 72 & Sunny

Adidas Takers

Steve Gandolfi

Director: Stacy Wall Production Company: Imperial Woodpecker Agency: 180LA

University of Phoenix More Than Brains

Steve Gandolfi

Director: Peter Thwaites Production Company: The Corner Shop Agency: 180LA

Audi Prom

Steve Gandolfi

Director: Guard Brothers Production Company: Smuggler Agency: Venables Bell & Partners

Activision Destiny 2

Steve Gandolfi

Director: Jordan Vogt-Roberts Production Co: RSA Agency: 72andSunny

Adidas Impossible Field

Steve Gandolfi

Director: Daniel Kleinman Production Company: Rattling Stick Agency: 180 Amsterdam

Audi Nocturnal

Steve Gandolfi

Director: Henry Hobson Production Company: MJZ Agency: Venables Bell & Partners

Dr Pepper Rasta Dog

Steve Gandolfi

Director: Simon McQuoid Production Company: Imperial Woodpecker Agency: Deutsch

Heineken Moustache

Steve Gandolfi

Director: Noam Murro Production Company: Biscuit Agency: Wieden + Kennedy

Martini V2

Steve Gandolfi

Director: Daniel Kleinman Production Company: Spectre Agency: HHCL & Partners

Cadbury Eyebrows

Steve Gandolfi

Director: Tom Kuntz Production Company: MJZ Agency: Fallon

Q+A with Steve

I became an editor because: When I was a child I worked as a runner on the stage and was fascinated by the man who would come in and talk to the director and agency, then go off to his dark room and come back with it all joined up. How easy it seemed until I tried to do it, still have trouble today.

Most people don’t know that I like: Not like but love sitting around a table talking to people over a glass or two. Most people only experience the back of my head in a slightly darkened room.

My hero is: First time I’ve ever said this, but my mum! For putting up with years of me and my dad doing martial arts in our tiny house.

My personal soundtrack would be set to the tune of: Drake “Started from the Bottom”  Even the video resembles me – soccer (or if your European, Football), guys stacking shelves (one of my first jobs), bowling (I go with my kiddies but I am the one who puts the barriers up), boys telling stories (I absolutely love telling stories), and the most important I started from the bottom with absolutely nothing and will most probably go to my grave with absolutely nothing.  But I’ve had one hell of a great ride.

Three words that best describe me are: Four words…Completely out of control

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