Akiko Iwakawa



Often tapped for bold anthem spots that define or defy category, Akiko has a deep appreciation for the power of branded narrative and striking imagery that enhances it, as seen in her contributions to campaigns for Gillette, Ford, Pepsi, and Converse. Over the years, Akiko has collaborated with innovators Marco Brambilla, Chris Milk, Douglas Avery, Vincent Haycock and the late Nagi Noda on inventive and thought-provoking projects. Her contributions to work outside of the advertising realm include Zach Heinzerling’s Academy Award-nominated documentary feature “Cutie and the Boxer,” the critically acclaimed feature doc “The Happy Film,” directed by Stefan Sagmeister and Ben Nabors, as well as Kanye West's seven-screen installation "Cruel Summer.” Whatever the length or genre, Akiko’s editing embodies a joyous appreciation for visual art.