Stacy Peterson

Q+A with Stacy

I became an editor because: I always loved the poetry of film, and editing felt like the most unique form of storytelling to me. It’s a visual and collaborative puzzle.

When I am not editing I am: Hanging out with my four (4!) cats, watching way too much American football, and patiently discussing (aka yelling about) politics over beer.

Most people don’t know that I like: Really cheesy sports movies from the 1990s, like The Sandlot, Little Giants, and all of those baseball movies where a young kid suddenly becomes a professional player or owner of the team.

I am inspired by: My partner, who is the queen of acts of everyday kindness. And my dear friends who are out there dedicating their lives to helping others, self-funded art, and general badassery.

If I could be any film character it would be: On a good day, Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. On a bad day, Furiosa from Mad Max.

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