Amy Rosenberg

Amy Rosenberg

Q+A with Amy

I am an editor because: I fell in love with the craft, after falling into it by chance. I’m addicted to the pursuit of finding the connective tissue, those small details and nuances in the footage that make a spot shine. And when I enter that flow and I’m doing my thing; I feel completely ignited and immersed, but at the same time, I feel most at ease and most myself.

When I am not editing I am: Sneaking food into movie theaters.

Most people don’t know that I like: To swim in the ocean and I try to get down most mornings for a quick dip.

If I could be any film character I would be: Captain Marvel. Who wouldn’t want superpowers? And also, i’m a huge Marvel fan.

Three words that best describe me: Ultimate Wedding Guest.

I am inspired by: Oh boy, everything! Movies, music, the energy of different people and places. Travel.  Long walks in new cities. Seeing old couples still in love. Authenticity. And Cher.

My favorite city in the world is: Rome.

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